About us

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Our team

We are very proud of our team of creative and friendly individuals.  We are a team based out of beautiful Nelson, B.C., where we host as many of our meetings as possible on a bike trail, crag, or snow-covered mountain.

Oscar, formerly a high school Spanish language teacher, is now a qualified ski guide and avalanche professional.

He has a strong working knowledge of terrain management, forecasting and advanced search & rescue techniques.


Owner & eLearning Developer

By combining his knowledge and passion for the subject with his ability to simplify complex information, Oscar creates engaging and understandable content presented in a straightforward and intuitive way.


In-House Developer

George and Matt's combined experience in web design and development can't be overstated.  They come together to produce beautiful, custom web solutions that allow for the seamless integration of eLearning content.


In-House Designer

Custom design

Our team works to provide you with a product that is tailor made to your branding, equipment, protocol and specific needs.  We keep your products up-to-date as your company upgrades its equipment and procedures so that there is never any disparity between what you want and what is delivered.

User tracking

Keep track of how many people are accessing your courses each month and even track which individual users have completed each course in real time.  Our team can work with your booking system or learning management system to integrate our tracking features so that you can find all the information in one place.

On all devices

All of our courses are optimized for any device.  This ensures that, as long as they have WiFi or phone data, your clients can access them anywhere and any time, even when on the go.  This means that even if your clients sign-up last minute, they will still have the opportunity to take their course from any location.  

Regular updates

Our team at Backcountry Learning will stay in touch with you not just through the course building process, but will also be with you throughout the lifetime of your course.  We will offer you technical support, ongoing improvements, course statistics and any other help or information or changes that you might need.

How we work.

1 We have a chat with you about the scope and scale of your project and make you aware of all of the options and possibilities available to you within that scope.  We show you example projects and work with you to build a vision of what your project will look like , and what your clients, and therefore your company, will gain from the course.

2 We send you a basic list of questions regarding your branding, protocol, equipment and any other relevant information in order to tailor-make your course and give it the look and feel of your company.  With this information, we will begin building your course.  We keep you updated during the build process and work with you to beat any deadlines.

3 Once we have built your customized course, we send you the first draft through our review software.  This software allows you and your team to add comments as you go through the course that we can respond to and act upon.  We implement any changes and tweaks that you see fit and upload the course to the web, ready for distribution.