Our Approach

Backcountry Learning aims to create a safer and more fun industry for us all to enjoy. Through various innovative pedagogical methods, our courses ensure outstanding information retention and excellent engagement from all learner types.

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Our Story

Oscar White, a high school Spanish teacher turned ski guide, founded Backcountry Learning in 2019 having worked in the ski industry for several years.

As a high school teacher, Oscar participated on a Graduate Scheme called Teach First and was placed in a challenging school in West London where he excelled, improving results by enhancing the amount of information retained by his students.

In 2017, Oscar began work as a ski guide. Early into his career, he noticed that, although the delivery of safety information throughout the industry was excellent, the learners’ ability to absorb and retain that information in the given environment and time limitations was relatively low. This could well be attributed to excitement, nerves and all the other emotions that one might expect to feel when venturing out into the backcountry.

Through techniques that he developed as a teacher, Oscar set out to create resources for learners to use before heading out into the backcountry.

The responses that he got from these resources were excellent and so he decided to stick with it…

What next?

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