Online Briefings

"I can easily recommend Backcountry Learning’s online safety briefings to any backcountry ski operation."

John Furneaux - Director of Ops - Bella Coola Heli Sports

Why do we need one?

Backcountry Learning develops these courses so that your clients can take them in their own time in advance of their day at your operation. 

The intention is not to replace the in-person safety briefing, but to amplify it:

Improve retention rates

Guests will remember important safety information.

Reduce stress & anxiety

Guests arrive prepared having absorbed the information.

Put guides' minds at ease

Know that your guests are ready for the unexpected.

Experienced guests

More knowledgable guests can go over protocol and see how it differs to what they know.

Foreign language speakers

Foreign language speaking guests can go over the content at their own pace and with translation aids.

Save time

With more knowledgable guests arriving, your in-person briefings will run smoother and faster.

Built into each course is a vast amount of interactivity designed to increase information retention and keep learners engaged throughout.

Examples of some of our interactive features are:

Interactive video

Dive deeper into instructional videos through interactivity.


Associate images with words to help retain information.

Interactive images

Hone in on the key elements of an image to better understand it.

Knowledge checks

Gain instantaneous feedback when testing your knowledge throughout the briefing.

Tabs and accordions

Avoid overwhelming the learner with information.  Break it down into bitesize chunks.


Test what you have learnt over the briefing and see if there are any gaps in your knowledge.

What can it include?

All of our online briefings are tailored to your operation's procedures, equipment and branding.

Here are some examples of modules used by operators around the globe:


  • How they work
  • How to wear one
  • Send vs Search
  • Signal search
  • Coarse search
  • Fine search
  • Mark functions

Probing & Shoveling

  • Assembling your shovel & probe
  • Perpendicular probing
  • Systematic probing
  • Individual shoveling
  • Multiple rescuer shoveling
  • Shoveler rotation

Tree Wells

  • Buddy skiing
  • Avoiding tree wells
  • Approaching tree well burials
  • Tree well rescue
  • What to do if in a tree well

Helicopter Safety

  • Moving around a helicopter
  • Approaching a running helicopter
  • Heli huddles
  • Exiting a helicopter
  • Safety equipment on board
  • Dealing with airbags, skis and snowboards

Glacier & Crevasse Safety

  • What to do if separated from the group
  • Rules for glacier skiing/riding
  • How to recognize bridged crevasses
  • Crossing bridged crevasses
  • What to do in the event of crevasse fall

Skiing with a Guide

  • Following instruction
  • Following the guide's tracks
  • Stopping above the guide
  • Radio procedure
  • What to do if you get lost
  • What to do if you get tired

Welcome & COVID procedures

  • Check-in information
  • Daily schedules
  • Vertical footage information
  • Ski rental
  • Lodge rules
  • Questionnaires
  • COVID-19 protocol

Return Guests module

  • Reduced length for returning clients
  • Content designed to refresh memory
  • Emphasizing key points
  • Inform return guests of changes in gear/protocol
  • Improve buy-in from repeat clientele

Can't see a module that you would like to include?

Not a problem! We would be happy to design something completely new for you!

Let's talk about your project or idea...