Online Learning

"We saw an overwhelming response from our students on this change."

Peter Bilous - Otago Polytechnic - New Zealand

Why do we need it?

Backcountry Learning turns your existing pre-course study work and information into engaging, memorable and interactive courses. 

We will work with your team to turn the information into module based, online courses that can be easily accessed and distributed to your students.

Improve retention rates

Students will remember content more effectively and be able to recall information more readily.

Break down content

All information will be broken down into bite-sized chunks (5-20 minutes) to increase focus.

Increase engagement

Our highly interactive courses keep it interesting with a variety of different tasks and presentation methods.

Track student completion

See which students have completed the course in real time.

On the go, at your own pace

Access the course from any device and revisit it as many times as you would like.

Save on printing and distribution

All of the courses can be hosted via your website or with Backcountry Learning and distributed via an HTML link.

Built into each course is a vast amount of interactivity designed to increase information retention and keep learners engaged throughout.

Examples of some of our interactive features are:

Interactive video

Dive deeper into instructional videos through interactivity.


Associate images with words to help retain information.

Interactive images

Hone in on the key elements of an image to better understand it.

Knowledge checks

Gain instantaneous feedback when testing your knowledge throughout the course.

Tabs and accordians

Avoid overwhelming the learner with information.  Break it down into bitesize chunks.


Test what you have learnt over the course and see if there are any gaps in your knowledge.

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