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Custom eLearning

Tailor-made interactivity

We design all of our courses to your specifications, branding and needs in order to make the final product your own.  With a focus on engagement and information retention, our courses employ numerous techniques to maximize learner engagement and achieve the desired outcome.


Interactive video

All of our courses contain interactive videos and animations that present information in a clear and concise way.


Flashcards are used as a quick knowledge check, whereby the learner is cued by a visual aid to recall a specific piece of information.


From carefully placed single questions to full end of module quizzes, all of our courses contain these essential learning tools.

More interactivity

Our courses contain a huge amount of interactive elements, all designed to increase engagement and information retention.

Our products

Backcountry Learning offers 3 main product lines; Online Briefings, Online Learning, and Online Training.

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Online Briefing
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Online Learning
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Average duration

20-60 minutes

60+ minutes

Intended use

Backcountry operators

Training providers

Information source

Operational procedures

Manuals & experts

Fully customizable


Contains important safety information for clients or guests to go over prior to their arrival.

Contains pre-course or study material for students to learn.  Learning may span many modules.

Online Training

Our engaging and versatile online training courses let you keep your staff up-to-date on important training without the need to host in-house sessions.

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